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About Koizumi seiga

Koizumi Saiga was founded more than 300 years ago with ten generations of service.

Until recently, the core of our business was the manufacture and sale of roof titles.


However, we wanted to share the unique, Japanese art of “Ibushi(Somoked) Silver” with the world and have in recent years begun the handcrafted “Kawaraya Kikusada” in an attempt to introduce this ancient art to the modern world.

Gazen Series(Tile-style Dinnerware)

Tableware imbued with the colors of Japan

“gazen” is kasara(tile)tableware, each piece handcrafted by a kawara(tile) artisan. Original and custom order are also available. Seemingly out of time, these kawara(title) are a deep and simple silver(vintage smoke) with a calming, somber texture that helps to bring out the best of any cuisine.

Designed to evoke the old, rich colors of traditional Japanese architectural tilling, the smokey, vintages silver coloring unites the old with the new.

Fired at higher temperatures with new manufacturing methods, the tableware is smoked at upwards of 1210 degrees, dramatically reducing its water absorbency and increasing its everyday practicality.

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